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Speed Dating in Birmingham

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Birmingham 2015-04-0240-55Males: 3 space(s) left
Females: Full
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Birmingham 2015-04-0920-32Males: 2 space(s) left
Females: 4 space(s) left
Reserve List

Birmingham 2015-04-1532-48FemalesDETAILSBUY TICKETS

Birmingham 2015-04-1521-35FemalesDETAILSBUY TICKETS

Birmingham 2015-04-1622-34Males

Birmingham 2015-04-2221-35Males

Birmingham 2015-04-2232-48Males

Birmingham 2015-04-2330-42Males

* age range is a guideline only

If you’re interested in Gay Speed Dating or an alternative type of event not listed here, please let us know, with enough interest we will arrange this event and inform you of the date.

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What our Speed Daters say

  • "A great, chilled evening"
    Alice - Manchester, 12th Mar 2015
  • "It was a fun evening"
    Adam - Manchester, 12th Mar 2015
  • "Very good"
    Olivia - Nottingham, 12th Mar 2015
  • "10/10"
    Catherine - Nottingham, 12th Mar 2015
  • "It was a good night"
    Serkan - Cardiff, 11th Mar 2015
  • "Enjoyable night out"
    Sian - Cardiff, 11th Mar 2015
  • "The evening was very good, everyone was interesting and pleasant to talk to"
    Anthony - Leeds, 11th Mar 2015
  • "Enjoyable night"
    Jessica - Leeds, 11th Mar 2015
  • "Thank you, well organised and a good turn out in a nice venue"
    Adam - Birmingham, 5th Mar 2015
  • "I had a really good night. Everyone was friendly and there was a great atmosphere"
    Sian - Birmingham, 5th Mar 2015
  • "Not nearly as scary as I expected it to be, great night"
    Ceri - Bristol, 3rd Mar 2015
  • "It was an excellent evening which was very well presented in a relaxed environment"
    Ian - Bristol, 3rd Mar 2015
  • "I thought it was a great way to meet new people in the area"
    Jade - Birmingham, 26th Feb 2015
  • "Fantastic event, really good bar, had a great night"
    Matthew - Birmingham, 26th Feb 2015
  • "Well organised and the hosts were very friendly"
    Charlotte - Bristol, 18th Feb 2015
  • "First timer, had a good laugh and people were really friendly"
    Raymond - Bristol, 18th Feb 2015
  • "I did enjoy the evening"
    Michelle - Birmingham, 12th Feb 2015
  • "Splendid!"
    Joe - Birmingham, 12th Feb 2015
  • "My first event. I did not know what to expect at first, but it turned out to be a fun evening"
    Anna - Manchester, 12th Feb 2015
  • "Great evening and Jonathan the host was very good!"
    Hocine - Manchester, 12th Feb 2015
  • "I felt that it was well organised and the host gave out clear instructions"
    Stephanie - Nottingham, 12th Feb 2015
  • "First time but felt relaxed. nice camaraderie with other members"
    Ayden - Nottingham, 12th Feb 2015
  • "Good fun night"
    Nicola - Birmingham, 11th Feb 2015
  • "it was better than I was expecting"
    Karen - Birmingham, 11th Feb 2015
  • "The evening was a very interesting experience, thank you!"
    Sarka - Cardiff, 11th Feb 2015
  • "I'd recommend it to friends"
    James - Cardiff, 11th Feb 2015
  • "Really good night"
    Gemma - Leeds, 11th Feb 2015
  • "Thoroughly enjoyable"
    Robert - Leeds, 11th Feb 2015
  • "Pleasantly surprised at what fun it was"
    Penny - Birmingham, 5th Feb 2015
  • "I felt at ease and enjoyed the evening"
    William - Birmingham, 5th Feb 2015
  • "Enjoyable and well organised"
    Kim - Bristol, 3rd Feb 2015
  • "Thoroughly enjoyable evening that was well run at the perfect venue - two thumbs up from me!"
    Christopher - Bristol, 3rd Feb 2015
  • "It was a good laugh and way to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere"
    Sophia - Birmingham, 29th Jan 2015
  • "Very enjoyable!"
    Mathew - Birmingham, 29th Jan 2015
  • "An interesting and enjoyable evening"
    Amy - Liverpool, 28th Jan 2015
  • "I enjoyed the evening..it went very well!"
    Patrique - Liverpool, 28th Jan 2015
  • "Really enjoyed the night, had such a laugh!"
    Dana - Birmingham, 22nd Jan 2015
  • "I had a great evening!"
    Steven - Birmingham, 22nd Jan 2015
  • "It was interesting"
    Ruth - Manchester, 22nd Jan 2015
  • "Enjoyable evening"
    Hocine - Manchester, 22nd Jan 2015
  • "The organiser Jenna was very approachable, she made it flow well and kept things on track :)"
    Lee - Nottingham, 22nd Jan 2015
  • "Surprisingly enjoyed the night, I had a great time!"
    Nicole - Nottingham, 22nd Jan 2015
  • "It was my first speed date event and I wasn't disappointed, great fun."
    Oliver - Bristol, 21st Jan 2015
  • "The evening was nice and enjoyable"
    Mendy - Bristol, 21st Jan 2015
  • "Wasn't anything like I imagined it would be. The current format works, I wouldn't change anything."
    Callum - Birmingham, 15th Jan 2015
  • "It was a surprisingly good experience. I would recommend it to everyone to try it at least once. "
    Reka - Birmingham, 15th Jan 2015
  • "Pleasant evening meeting lots of really nice people :) "
    David - Nottingham, 16th Dec 2014
  • "Great evening, nervous at first but with the warm welcoming felt at ease sooner then I thought! "
    Nadine - Nottingham, 16th Dec 2014
  • "This was my first time speed dating and I was very impressed, definitely better than online dating!! "
    Trish - Birmingham, 4th Dec 2014
  • "I felt the evening was a very pleasant evening. Friendly and relaxed "
    John - Birmingham, 4th Dec 2014
  • "Very well ran with friendly hosts"
    Emma - Nottingham, 20th Nov 2014
  • "Interesting, good size group"
    Matt - Nottingham, 20th Nov 2014
  • "It was good fun!"
    Lizi - Birmingham, 20th Nov 2014
  • "Very good evening , nice place, nice people"
    Robert - Birmingham, 20th Nov 2014
  • "Very enjoyable"
    Melissa - Manchester, 13th Nov 2014
  • "Really enjoyed myself"
    Neil - Manchester, 13th Nov 2014
  • "Perfect way to meet people!"
    Jenny - Cardiff, 12th Nov 2014
  • "Very nice"
    Sean - Cardiff, 12th Nov 2014
  • "Very friendly atmosphere"
    Kate - Birmingham, 6th Nov 2014
  • "Very enjoyable and well run event"
    Tom - Birmingham, 6th Nov 2014
  • "It was an interesting experience. I would definitely attend another event."
    Sylvia - Birmingham, 23rd Oct 2014
  • "Enjoyed everything about tonight :)"
    Gints - Birmingham, 23rd Oct 2014
  • "Great ambience, friendly approachable host, good venue."
    Sally - Manchester, 16th Oct 2014
  • "It was a lot of fun, met some great people and just enjoyed the social aspect in general"
    Omar - Manchester, 16th Oct 2014
  • "Everyone was lovely, it was relaxed and really nice to meet a bunch of new people"
    Stephanie - Bristol, 14th Oct 2014
  • "It was a very good evening, had a lot of fun"
    Ben - Bristol, 14th Oct 2014
  • "It was a very enjoyable evening and the venue was ideal"
    Becky - Birmingham, 9th Oct 2014
  • "Event was very well organised"
    David - Birmingham, 9th Oct 2014
  • "It was a great night, thank you"
    Connie - Cardiff, 8th Oct 2014
  • "Everyone was very sociable and friendly"
    Andrew - Cardiff, 8th Oct 2014
  • "Brilliant fun and nice to meet so many different people"
    Sarah - Birmingham, 25th Sep 2014
  • "Very enjoyable and well run!"
    Tom - Birmingham, 25th Sep 2014
  • "It was fun!"
    Erin - Manchester, 18th Sep 2014
  • "I had a great night chatting away"
    Ben - Manchester, 18th Sep 2014
  • "Good fun and great way to spend an evening!"
    Sharky - Manchester, 18th Sep 2014
  • "Fun and relaxed evening"
    Sarah - Birmingham, 11th Sep 2014
  • "It was a enjoyable event and night"
    Charles - Birmingham, 11th Sep 2014
  • "Enjoyed the night, a very good format"
    Lena - Bristol, 9th Sep 2014
  • "It was brilliant, really good fun!"
    Marie - Bristol, 9th Sep 2014
  • "Very good , and I would go again..."
    Paul - Birmingham, 21st Aug 2014
  • "It was a really fun evening and a great venue"
    Debbie - Birmingham, 21st Aug 2014
  • "I have never speed dated before but I would do it again in the future"
    Martin - Birmingham, 20th Aug 2014
  • "Really relaxed evening, very well organised"
    Richard - Birmingham, 20th Aug 2014
  • "Very pleasant evening"
    Martin - Cardiff, 14th Aug 2014
  • "Relaxing atmosphere and friendly people"
    Glesni - Cardiff, 14th Aug 2014
  • "Really enjoyed it. Such a laugh and some great conversations"
    Leighan - Nottingham, 14th Aug 2014
  • "It was a very relaxed yet enjoyable evening"
    Craig - Nottingham, 14th Aug 2014
  • "Had a brilliant time"
    Jo - Bristol, 12th Aug 2014
  • "Great mix of people, made it a very interesting and enjoyable evening!"
    Justin - Bristol, 12th Aug 2014
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the speed dating experience"
    Sinead - Birmingham, 7th Aug 2014
  • "It was fantastic fun"
    Andrew - Birmingham, 7th Aug 2014
  • "It was a great experience. Very well planned by host"
    Samantha - Birmingham, 24th July 2014
  • "I enjoyed it, great fun"
    Greg - Birmingham, 24th July 2014
  • "Very interesting and fun too!!"
    Dominique - Birmingham, 17th July 2014
  • "Very good"
    Richard - Birmingham, 17th July 2014
  • "Enjoyed the evening, good turn out and the event was relaxed and well organised"
    Felicity - Bristol, 15th July 2014
  • "First time I've been but I would do it again"
    James - Bristol, 15th July 2014
  • "The host was absolutely lovely and made me feel welcome"
    Jodie - Cardiff, 10th July 2014
  • "This was a great night out"
    Shane - Cardiff, 10th July 2014
  • "It was great fun and very well organised"
    Kim - Nottingham, 10th July 2014

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Birmingham & the West Midlands with MySpeedDate

Speed Dating Birmingham & the West Midlands

Do you live in Birmingham or the West Midlands? Looking to kick-start your social life, and perhaps meet someone special? At MySpeedDate we are passionate about delivering top-quality singles events in which you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable evening, regardless of the outcome. The bustling, vibrant city of Birmingham offers a diverse range of unique attractions: take a tour on a canal boat, visit the iconic Town Hall and Symphony Hall, dine out on some of the best international cuisine and take your pick from a vibrant selection of bars and clubs. If you’re single and looking, MySpeedDate can help you find your perfect match from other singles in Birmingham and the surrounding area. Speed dating is great fun, and our scorecard and online chat system makes it as easy as possible to work out who’s right for you, out of a possible 20 people per event. Whatever you’re looking for, our MySpeedDate hosts do their utmost to ensure a relaxed, engaging and stimulating evening for every one of our participants.

What is speed dating?

Speed dating is a great opportunity for you to meet a variety of people and find the perfect person for you. MySpeedDate organises speed-dating events in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands.

The format of our speed dating events consists of participators having up to 20 mini dates in one evening. These dates are arranged in a variety of age groups and following on from the night you will have an opportunity to swap contact details with anyone you hit it off with, you are in complete control of who receives your personal details.

Gay Speed Dating

MySpeedDate offers Gay Speed Dating, Lesbian Speed dating and Bisexual Speed Dating in many areas of the UK. If you’re interested in one of these events or an alternative type of event not listed in Birmingham, please let us know, with enough interest we will set out to organise this event and inform you by text or email of the date and location.

Register your interest

Why speed dating?

Whether you’re seriously looking for love or you’re just game for a laugh with the guys or the girls, speed dating is great fun. Speed dating is the up and coming trend and perhaps one of the best and increasingly popular ways to meet new people.

Our well organised events give you a fantastic opportunity to meet people that you get on with in a setting that is quieter than a club and classier than a pub. It’s a perfect way to have a few drinks, meet some new people and enjoy a good time with. You never know, you might meet someone really special.

One of the best things about speed dating is that it’s pressure free. You have plenty of dates, so you’re not going to offend anyone if they’re not to your taste – the chances are that if you haven’t hit it off, they’ll have hit it off with someone else.

No one to go with? Never fear, around a third of our female participants arrive alone, and approximately two thirds of our male participants arrive alone. You’re not going to be seen as ‘sad’ or unpopular if you turn up with no one else in tow. The whole point of the event is to meet people; so feel free to come alone and make some new friends!

What are our events like?

We know that the background and location of a first date is important and we want you to remember your night fondly. That’s why we hold our MySpeedDate events at the most stylish venues in Birmingham as well as staging events in other areas of the West Midlands and the Black Country. It’s a great opportunity to have a good night out without having to deal with your shoes sticking to the floor as you might have to in one of Birmingham’s night clubs

The format goes something like this: you arrive and have an opportunity to unwind at the bar prior to the dates. Once the dates begin, you spend between 4 ½ to 5 minutes chatting, we make sure we stop half way through the night for a 20 minute break, this gives everyone an opportunity for refills and a little breather. The dating works on a scorecard system, and works online after the event. If you tick someone and they tick you back then you’ve got a match, once a match is created you will then be free to chat to that person within our messaging service. This ensures that you are complete control of who you would like to chat with after the event.

We like to ensure your satisfaction so if you attend one of our events and don’t find anyone appealing you get a credit added to your account so you can come again for free. Get in touch today and do something different.

The smallest decisions can change your life forever...